Fun Facts about Preserved Trees & Plants

Posted by Susana Fuertes on

100% natural All preserved Enamor Creations products are real. They are natural plants that have been treated with a bio-degradable formula. Preserved to last for years.

Our unique process, developed with vegetable-based glycerin, replaces the humidity within the plant with a component that does not evaporate and thereby preserve beauty over time.

Cost-efective Our preserved trees last for years and significantly lower the need for re-purchasing. Easy to maintain and install The products do not require light or water, leading to significant savings in installation and maintenance.

Powerful addition to traditional solutions The preserved products can be successfully mixed with fresh or artificial plants for complete design freedom to generate different environments and effects.

Respectful with the environment  preserved plants are more environmentally friendly than fresh cut flowers due to their long life and low energy consumption for transport and storage. The result is a significantly lower carbon footprint than fresh or artificial flowers. Help care for the environment ... One plant at the time.

They are not freeze dried (lyophilized) or dehydrated products. None of the preserved line products use freeze-drying for their preservation. The lyophilization suppresses important characteristics of the fresh product for a living appearance.

They are not growing to ensure that the plant is at its best and maintain the appearance of a living plant, the preservation process stops any biological process that promotes the aging of the plant. They are not artificial Although the product undergoes a transformation process that stabilizes the natural plant, the process does not include any of the typical components in artificial flowers such as plastic or synthetic fabrics.

They are not toxic. All our products are designed for daily contact with pets and people. They do not pose a health risk. 

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